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Choose Your Course that's make your carrer

Acting is magically change your look and your attitude and you can be any one. Its not about being famous, it's about exploring the human soul.

ISFD course takes students through the basic of acting up to zenith in acting, as per required for films,TV or theater.

Modeling is not just beauty and smile , it takes boldness and style. Being beautiful and photogenic are important trails but not what's going to make you succeed in this competitive industry?

some of the traits that are important for working in modelling are a good sense of style, a positive attitude, excellent stamina, communication skill, ablity to look good on camera at all times.

In this course you will be instructed by ISFD best teachers, They will first teach you . What is a model then go into the different types of modelling from print models to plus size model to hand and foot models. The will give you insider tips on working with photographer and makeup artists.

Anchring as a profession requires one to know all the latest happenings in the world and abroad like the back of their hand.Most veterns in the media field often state that anchoring is an art that can not be learned,but absorbed and perfected with time.

This is why it is after difficult to find course that offers just anchoring as a discipline.Thus anyone who wants to beome an actor are advised to undergo a full length journalism course in Anchoring.


This course is mainly designed for you with the most up to date cinematography tips without the the useless stuff.

No one wants to sit through a 8 hour course and walk away with only 2 to 3 hours of useful information.

This photography course will teach you how to take amazing images and even sell them, Whether you use a smartphone, mirroless or DSLR'S Camera.

The photography course is designed to teach the ins and outs of photography, even if you have a litte to no experience with it, to help create profitable images that help you to stand out from the whole crowd and sell your images.

Visual Graphics

ISFD calls itsefl a "new world of certified learing" This can add a new qualification to your resume. Moving a certificate in this subject actially gose a long way to secure a job or freelance opportunity.

ISFD has several options to build graphics design skills , such as a certificate course in visual and graphic skills,one on Design principals.

Film Direction & Production:-If a writer births the body, then a producer raises the child and send it off to school.

We believe in hard work, not luck factor. The best efforts will reap the best fruits. No body can take all the credit. No director wants to be directed, but no good director would shy away from the good ideas of others.

The modern society is nothing without the for reaching effects of Journalism and Mass communication. The undergraduate mass communication course is meant to introduce students to the highly active and lively area of media and communication.

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Courses Duration Fees
Acting 3/6 Months 50000
Modelling 3/6 Months 50000
Anchoring 3/6 Months 50000
photography 3/6 Months 50000
Videography 3/6 Months 5000
Visual Graphics Training(VFX) 3/6 Months 5000
Films Direction & Production 3/6 Months 55000
Mass Comm. & Journalism 3/6 Months 65000